HW #6 problem 3 Exponential Derivatives


the problem is f(x) 3^x Type ln(x) for the natural logarithmic function

as far as i know f’(x) is 3^x ln x

but it doesn’t like that answer.

does anyone know how to do this problem?


i figured it out it was a syntax error. it is ln(3) 3^x


No, the derivative of a^x is actually a^x\ln(a); you’re saying that it’s a^x\ln(x).

As we’ve learned in class, the derivative of a^x is always a constant times the original function. Symbolically,

\frac{d}{dx} a^x = c_a a^x.

I’ve been meaning to say in class that the constant is always the logarithm of the base. That is,

c_a = \ln(a).