Introduce Yourself


Reply to this post with answers the three questions below as a way to introduce yourself to the class. You may add any additional information you would like to share with the class. My Answers are given.

  1. What is your favorite math class you have taken? Soap Bubbles
  2. What are three things you do outside of work and school that you enjoy? Hiking with my dog, swimming, playing violin
  3. What is the farthest you have been from home in the last 12 months? Hungry Horse, MT (Glacier NP)

  1. AP Calculus
  2. Makeup, Netflix, macrame
  3. Gulf Shores, Alabama (Hangout Festival)


Calc 2 was my favorite math class believe it or not.
Im big into music. Love to play guitar, drums, and bass. I love to play sports like tennis golf basketball.
I live in New Jersey so Asheville is the farthest I’ve been away from home in the last 12 months

  1. I suppose I didn’t mind pre-calculus trig
  2. Working with electronics. Trying out new restaurants and if I really enjoy a dish then trying to make that dish on my own.
  3. Went to the Kennedy Space Center back in March - it was nice.


Hey! My name is Shannon Copeland.

  1. Algebra 2 was my favorite class!
  2. I play for a drumline that competes both locally and nationally, I love listening to music, and I go kickboxing.
  3. The farthest I have been from home in the last year is a small town called Brooklin (with an I) in Maine.

  1. AP Stats
  2. Hiking, listening to music, and working on computers
  3. Colorado

  1. I didn’t like Calc I, so I think I’m even with pre-cal and Calc II
  2. Playing violin (rarely). I’ve been watching music livestreams on Twitch recently. The rest of my time is probably wasted online…
  3. Los Angeles for my grandma’s 80th bday


Hi, I’m Zach

My favorite math class was pre-calculus cause I did it over summer with a bunch of my friends.
I enjoy hiking, 80’s music, and math contests.
The pan handle (Florida). Its nicer than it sounds. Beaches are way nicer because not as many people are there.

  1. AP Calculus in high school
  2. Play videogames, Netflix, hang out with friends
  3. Washington D.C.

  1. Calculus 2 for sure. I had professor Peifer who was a really inspiring person to have for calculus 2, and really made it fun.
  2. I play drums, I enjoy walking around downtown asheville, and I enjoy hanging out with friends.
  3. Farthest from home is definitely Asheville since I’m from Tampa.

  1. AP Calculus in high school
  2. I make music, play League of Legends, and play soccer
  3. Statesville


Hey, my name is Catherine

  1. I really enjoyed pre-calculus (I loved learning about the unit circle)
  2. Playing music, listening to music, and being outdoors
  3. New York City


Hey, I’m Ben!

  1. My favorite math class was surprisingly calc II, I enjoyed how fast paced the class was because it forced me to keep up throughout the lecture and with homework.
  2. I enjoy hiking, traveling, biking, swimming, practically anything you can do outdoors (as long as it’s in the summer).
  3. The farthest I’ve been from home in the last 12 months was Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Guy Phelps

  1. AP Calc.
  2. Youtube, Making/Playing Music, and playing videogames.
  3. Somewhere near the Dominican Republic over the Summer.

  1. Pre-calculus
  2. Painting, hiking, and listening to music
  3. Asheville - I Iive a few hours away so this is the farthest I’ve been

  1. My favorite math class I have ever taken was AP Calculus in high school
  2. Outside of school I like to hangout with friends, play video games, and go swimming
  3. The farthest I have been from home in the last 12 months was when I went to Atlanta, Georgia

  1. AP Calculus
  2. Youtube, Building things, Playing guitar
  3. Panama City Beach, FL


Hello! Name is Reis DeSantis. Registered for Calc 3 late so only getting this in now.

  1. Foundations of Mathematics
  2. Creating and playing music (I play drums and guitar), long distance running, watching movies (I have a list of movies to watch).
  3. Last summer I spent 3 weeks working in Ireland.