What is Math & Stat HW Discuss?


This little website is set up for students of mathematics and statistics at UNCA to talk about their homework with each other and, in some cases, with their instructors.

For students

Ultimately, this is a website to help students learn. At this site:

  • Students can post questions related to the material they are learning in their class. This can include
    • Statements of specific HW problems intended for practice
    • Statements of specific HW problems for credit, considering your instructor’s specific guidelines
      • Such problems might include online HW worth a few points but probably don’t include more involved HW to be turned in for grading in advanced classes.
    • Requests for solutions or hints for any of these problems
    • Questions related to their class but not necessarily HW problems. For example, problems from other sources or big picture questions.
  • Students can also answer questions!
    • Answering questions a great way for students at all levels to improve their own knowledge. In fact, the hope is that this site becomes a place for students to collaborate.

For instructors

Instructors can also participate! At this site, instructors can:

  • Answer their students questions - or just give appropriate hints.
  • Comment on answers provided by other students.
  • Create a group for their class.
  • Write assignments.

Getting started

You can start immediately by perusing the content listed in the categories on the left of the main page or looking at the list of all the latest topics.

When you’re ready, you can create an account using the “Sign up with your UNCA account” button at the top of the main page. After you do so, you can ask your own questions or respond to existing questions. Be sure to read the Guidelines and How do I write a good post? before posting!

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